Public/Parent Enquiries

Enquiries regarding class matters e.g. homework, PE days, can be made direct to your child’s class teacher on the family section of our online learning platform, Seesaw Family, or at the classroom door at drop off/pick up times.

For anything else, or if you cannot access Seesaw and need support with this, you can always ring the school office, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We appreciate that you may have a question and not know who to speak to. However, below are a list of the key roles in the academy who you may like to to speak to.

Role Name What their responsibility is within the academy
Chair of AAB To be updated Is in charge of our Academy Advisory Board, who make sure that the leadership team are effectively and safely running the school.
Head of Academy Mr T Bower Overall responsibility for the day to day running of the academy.
Special Educational Need Co-ordinator Mrs K Wake Makes sure that the academy identifies children with Special Educational Needs as soon as possible and making sure they get the right support.
Family Support Workers Mrs A Wood & Mrs C Unwin Support our children and families in ensuring that they are able to access education and help families who feel they need support to be able to access it.
Business & Finance Manager Mrs D Kereisaite Makes sure that the schools business and financial procedures are correct.
Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr T Bower Has the overall responsibility for keeping our children safe and preventing them from harm.
Safeguarding team Mrs C Unwin & Miss N Lowery Part of the safeguarding team and you can bring any concerns or ask any of these members of staff for advice.
Office Staff & Business Admin Support Miss C Knight Handles the day to day running of the office; dinner money, consent forms, general questions about the running of the school, and lots more. If Miss Knight does not know the answer to your question, she will point you in the direction of someone who does.

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