Home Learning

Helpful websites and resources you can access for your home learning:

Epic Reading

Epic Reading is an online reading resource. Your class teacher has set up an account for the class and you should have the login for this. Your teachers will provide you with reading books that they would like you to read but there is a wealth of other reading material online which you can and should explore.

Note: Make sure you go to the student/educator section when logging in. If you are having problems logging onto your account please let us know and we will do all we can to rectify this problem for you. 

Time Table Rock Stars / Numbots

You should have your online login for Times Table Rockstars which will assist you with the learning of Time Tables. From here you can also access Numbots which is Maths based and tackles addition, subtraction and number bonds. 


This website has lots of activities such as movement, yoga, games and mindfulness activities which can be accessed free at home. 

Yoga, Mindfulness and Relaxation for Kids

Try out some of these fun websites!

Yoga Bears A-Z: A Angel

YogaBears is a unique Children’s Yoga curriculum designed for each and every child from 2 to 12 years old.

Discover our A to Z of poses

Morning yoga routine for kids

The aim of this morning yoga routine is to help is to help you start your day feeling calm and energised. It incorporates full body movements and stretches…


Get fit with a little monkey business! Moovelee is an animated monkey that leads 4-10 minutes workout videos for kids ages 3-5. With a focus on meditation, yoga, and cardio, Moovelee will get you moving.

Online Safety

Remember to keep yourself safe online. We are extremely confident that you are aware of the dangers of the internet, how you should behave when using technology and know what you should do if you come across anything that is unsuitable on any website. We cover E-Safety each year at school and have regular updates throughout the year to ensure that you know how to keep your online usage robust and safe. If you need any support with Online Safety and any issues that may arise during this time please speak to your parent/carer at home or a member of staff from school and you can also see the following sites for support. 

Safer Internet         www.saferinternet.org.uk

Digital Parenting    www.vodafone.co.uk/mobile/digital-parenting

Coronavirus Social Story – to help you understand what is happening.

Returning to School

Below are some resources which you can use to help to prepare for returning to school. 

A range of our favourite websites that could be used at home for additional learning: 

Teach Your Monster to Read is a wonderful game made in association with leading educational experts and follows phonic phases 1, 2 and 3 in separate games. Perfect for EYFS through to KS1. Apps are available and paid for but the online website version is always free. Your child can follow their monster around and learn without realising how much they are learning to read!

2Simple’s Purple Mash is an online platform full of content which keeps children engaged and supported through the curriculum in every subject. Games, videos, activities and ebooks are available. Suitable for ages 4-11. Usually a paid subscription but free in event of closures.

Pobble is an online writing platform. They post a free picture a day with prompts for discussion and writing.

BBC Bitesize is always free and has videos, lessons, and games covering the whole curriculum all the way up to GCSEs.

Oxford Owl provides free ebooks all the time for children of primary age.

Duolingo is a free website made for language learning. One for all the family. Not specifically made for schools and you can pick whichever language you like. An initial assessment helps to pick up your current level if you want to improve rather than start from scratch.

Handwriting practice a bit a day will be essential for infant and junior age children. Handwriting Heroes has premium content and apps but their letter formation videos are always free so will help remind children of the right formation while practicing.

Nrich is a fabulous maths website with a range of problems and interactive games http://nrich.maths.org/frontpage

Maths Zone is a well organised maths website with loads of interactive games http://mathszone.co.uk/

Spelling City is a place where you can type in your spellings and play a range of games http://www.spellingcity.com/