Staying Safe

  • Keep your computer or tablet in a place where everyone can use it, go online with your child so you can see what they are doing on the internet.
  • Remind them that everyone they meet online is a stranger even though they might seem like a friend
  • Encourage your child never to meet up with someone they make friends with online.
  • Be aware of cyberbullying. Be alert to your child seeming upset after using the internet or their mobile phone.
  • Talk to your child so they know they can come to you. Your continued involvement is the best way of keeping your child safe.
  • Make sure they know what content and behaviour is acceptable.
  • Check that sites they access are age appropriate.
  • Consider using parental/ security settings.
  • Make sure they know they shouldn’t give out personal information. That means full name, home or school address, telephone number or personal email or mobile number. 

Online books on e-safety

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